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Our objective is to integrate Tamang Engineering services into Customer's projects as effectively as possible, fitting it to each unique set of circumstances, regulatory requirements, schedules, safety, climate and geographic area.  Tamang Engineering achieves the objective through sensitivity to the needs, methods and procedures of the Customer.


Areas Of Expertise

  • Motor Control Distribution Centers (Medium & Low Voltage)

  • Switch Gear Distribution (Medium & Low Voltage)

  • Air, Oil, and Gas Circuit Breakers

  • Protective Relaying and Control Systems

  • Medium Voltage and Low Voltage Motors, Frequency Drives, Soft Start Controllers

  • Programmable Logic Controller

  • UL 508 Shop

  • Setting Generators and A.T.S.

  • Supervisory Control Systems

  • Under ground work for pipe line, booster pump station, sewer  lift station and backup power plant at various southern California locations ( Fossil fuel, Co-generation, Gas )

  • Concrete work, asphalt work, masonry building, block wall, roofing, curb, and gutter

  • Design power and controls, programming PLC pump control panel, and commissioning.

Other Specialized Expertise

  • Wastewater Treatment Plants

  • Build Well Pump Building

  • Build Concrete Slab and Walls

  • Masonry Walls / Building

  • Mechanical Work, Piping up to 48” Valves, check valves, PRVs

  • Set Pump Motors. 

  • Set heavy machinery equipment

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