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Our Company & Mission

Founded by Timothy and Abel Tamang (Father & Son)  in 1987, Tamang Engineering, DBA Tamang Electric, Inc. has grown from an Electrical Company to a General Engineering Company in United States as well in South East Asia not limiting to Myanmar (Formely known as Burma), Malaysia, Thailand and Nepal.  Tamang Engineering has the ability to work as a Class A-Engineering Contractor and has outstanding reputation and has helped all our customers  both in Engineering and Construction from breaking the ground to the final turn key system since 1987 in Industrial waste water treatment plants, Recycling treatment plants, Storm water pollution Pumping plants, Water distribution system, Well pump facilities, Pressure reducing valves, Back up power generators,  Portable co-generation plant, Fuel cell energy, Bottling plants, Foundries and major Manufacturing plants.  We own most major construction equipments from backhoes, excavators, Lifts and Cranes. All underground work, excavation, concrete, masonry, framing, welding, rigging, pipe line and mechanical work by in-house crew.


Tamang Engineering offers a complete programmed preventative maintenance service to assure minimum down-time of plant operations and maximum cost efficiency. A comprehensive maintenance program is the best insurance against unscheduled down-time costs. We provide, troubleshoot and install  Motor Control Distribution Centers   (Medium and low voltage ), Switch Gear Distribution (Medium and low voltage), Air, Oil and Gas Circuit breakers, Protective relaying and control systems, Medium voltage and low voltage motors, Frequency Drives, Soft start controller, Programmable Logic controller and UL508 shop. Whether from a customer's basic concept, wiring diagrams, elementary, or sketches, we can provide a complete "TURN-KEY" systems.

Ever since sanction in Myanmar was lifted, Tamang Engineering is fully focusing with foreign Investors who are flocking to Myanmar. This has been a major impact to the  investors due to our experience of work with the Myanmar Government, our understanding of Myanmar Culture, also being able to converse in 5 different languages which allows us to have a smooth correspondence and develop a great relationship with our Customers.  From our close association with the Investors, we come to realize, there is a demand for Power Generation, building and Construction of Water Treatment Plants, Land fill gas power plant-Waste to Energy (WTE) and Major Industrial Power and controls. Therefore, Tamang Engineering is the best way and only way to start exploring and investing for your future expansion and challenges. 

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